# About Denver Devs

This is a resource for anyone visiting Denver or people recently new to the Denver tech scene.

# Admins

Denver Devs was started in 2015 by Dan Hannigan.

The whole community has a strong say in how it runs - but helping with the admin tasks are:

  • Farman Pirzada
  • Kyle Coberly
  • Valerie Kraucunas

Feel free to reach out to any of us with help or questions.

# Previous admins

Folks that helped us along the way

  • Alan Proctor
  • Ashley Carter
  • Chelsea Wells
  • Chuck Harmston
  • Drew Dahlman
  • Emilie Thoreson
  • Gabi Cepeda-Procell
  • James Gibson
  • Kate Rose
  • Marc Missey
  • Morgan Whaley
  • Ricky Padilla