# Contributing

Our website is powered by Vue and VuePress - which opens up a couple of different routes for contribution. One is contributing in the form of pure content; the other is contributing to the Vue components themselves. We'll outline those two processes below.

# Updating or adding new content

VuePress makes updating and adding new content reasonably straightforward. If you're looking to improve a page, each page has a built-in link that takes you right to the MD file editor on GitHub. If you want to create a new page that gets a bit more complex but we'll outline that process down below.

# Updating content

First, make sure you have a GitHub account. If you don't and would like to contribute, please reach out to Dan via email or slack.

  • Visit a page on the website. Let's go with our "Welcome to Denver" Page

  • Scroll all the way down the page, you should see a "Help Us Improve This Page" link. Click that.

  • You may need to sign in to GitHub here.

  • You should see GitHub's built-in file editor. We use Markdown for all of our pages - if you're unfamiliar with Markdown syntax check out this handy guide

  • Make your edits. Have fun here! Add copy, emojis, etc. We'll review it.

  • Scroll down to the "Commit changes" section - add a proper title and description, and then select "Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request."

  • Fire off your pull request, we'll review it and work with you if any updates need to be made.

  • Thanks for contributing!

# Adding a new page

If you'd like to add a new page, we'll need to account for a few things first. Are you adding a new top-level page? Will this go within a specific subsection? If a new page sounds viable, we advise you chat it out in our #topic-community channel in the Denver Devs Slack.

# Updating or adding Vue components

VuePress handles components just like a typical Vue installation - except it bundles them in a different place. To find our components, you'll need to visit denverdevs.org/docs/.vuepress/components/ - that's where you'll find them.

We suggest pulling this repo down and working on it locally.