Our website is powered by Vue and VuePress - which opens up a couple of different routes for contribution. One is contributing in the form of pure content; the other is contributing to the Vue components themselves. We'll outline those two processes below.

Updating or adding new content

VuePress makes updating and adding new content reasonably straightforward. If you're looking to improve a page, each page has a built-in link that takes you right to the MD file editor on GitHub. If you want to create a new page that gets a bit more complex but we'll outline that process down below.

Updating content

First, make sure you have a GitHub account. If you don't and would like to contribute, please reach out to Dan via email or slack.

  • Visit a page on the website. Let's go with our "Welcome to Denver" Page

  • Scroll all the way down the page, you should see a "Help Us Improve This Page" link. Click that.

  • You may need to sign in to GitHub here.

  • You should see GitHub's built-in file editor. We use Markdown for all of our pages - if you're unfamiliar with Markdown syntax check out this handy guide

  • Make your edits. Have fun here! Add copy, emojis, etc. We'll review it.

  • Scroll down to the "Commit changes" section - add a proper title and description, and then select "Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request."

  • Fire off your pull request, we'll review it and work with you if any updates need to be made.

  • Thanks for contributing!

Adding a new page

If you'd like to add a new page, we'll need to account for a few things first. Are you adding a new top-level page? Will this go within a specific subsection? If a new page sounds viable, we advise you chat it out in our #topic-community channel in the Denver Devs Slack.

Updating or adding Vue components

VuePress handles components just like a typical Vue installation - except it bundles them in a different place. To find our components, you'll need to visit - that's where you'll find them.

We suggest pulling this repo down and working on it locally.