# Interview Prep

This is one of those evergreen topics that comes up in the slack channel every couple of weeks. This page should serve as an archive that useful information, so we don't have to retype it as often 😃

# Questions to ask the Interviewer

Take a look at Key Values and decide what's important to you in your next job. Then, choose questions that give you information in those directions. Key Values's culture queries offers some suggestions, but wants you to give them an email address to see all of them.

# @sully:

  • How is success defined and measured (For the team, for the role)
  • What are the biggest challenges faces the team for the year
  • Describe the best area of code (and worst); what makes it the best/worst? (follow up questions to determine potential planning/design issues, quality control, process issues, etc)
  • What are the goals for this role as performing to expectations, and exceeding expectations

# @anthakingston

  • “What is your team’s biggest challenge?”
  • “What do you expect this person to achieve in their first 30, 60 or 90 days?”
  • (For management) “Where do you see the company in the next ~5 years?”
  • “What would my first project look like, and how would they grow over time?”