Job Channel Rules

Our job board channel is one of the few channels with some stricter rules. These are in place to help keep it orderly and useful for others. Please do your best to respect these rules, and if you have any questions about them ping a mod!

Note: all other rules for any communications in Denver Devs also apply to any job post.

Infractions & resulting action:#

Depending on the severity of the infraction, the admin team may respond with one (or multiple) of these actions:

  • A public or private text warning
  • A temporary mute (time determined by severity)
  • A role removal & role lockout
  • A temporary server ban
  • A permanent server ban

Reporting Infractions: #

If you see anyone engaging in behavior that goes against these specific rules, our overall rules rules, code of conduct, or Discords Community Guidelines & Terms of Service, the best thing you can do is direct message @ModMail. ModMail is an open-source discord bot that helps our staff - you can read more about it here: We encourage using the ModMail bot before direct messaging an admin because the ModMail bot will go to _all_ of the staff. Use your best judgment on this, though.

Appealing Infractions: #

While most decisions from the admin team are final, you may appeal infractions by direct messaging @ModBot or emailing

Denver Devs

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