Recruiter Guidelines

A few tips, tricks, and some rules for recruiters when posting to Denver Devs Slack or Discourse.


  • Be humble -- developers have the ability/incentive to work with each other to get hired, but we're happy to give you that money
  • Mentor -- developers who are new don't always know the ropes, and you can create a great reputation by introducing people in healthy and productive ways
  • Develop your own career -- the more specific you get with the technology and learning the trends, the better you'll be able to match up opportunities and talent
  • Network people -- recruitment doesn't always have to be about the hire, and developers should work with you more if you connect them when they need it since you are a "gatekeeper"
  • Make it profitable -- you aren't doing these services for free, but be creative about convincing people to work with you
  • Host and sponsor community events -- this is a great way to make your presence known as a support to the community
  • Promote diversity of identity and thought and good industry principles -- you should convince hiring managers if they need convincing how this will improve their bottom line


  • "Sell" -- good engineers are trained in the art of circumventing bull, and it's in your interest for your recruits to be "good"
  • Promote negative industry patterns -- free "sugary" foods, beer, or any other unhealthy thing that seasoned people see through to demand more working hours
  • Pretend contract-to-hire typically converts to full-time -- it usually doesn't, so don't lie
  • Over-emphasize "cutting-edge" -- a ten year old company using technology from the last three years really doesn't count
  • Make anyone sign an NDA with you or exclusivity -- if you do this, you will be shamed out of the Denver metro area
  • Involve yourself in engineering politics -- the status quo today is usually not the money maker tomorrow so it's not always to your benefit to do exactly what the client/HM wants

Definitely don't do these

  • Spam -- Posting more than once a day, or posting the same thing every day, will get your posts deleted. Let your posts breathe.
  • Compete -- We know recruiting is your job, don't try to out-post / out compete other recruiters in the channel. It's gross.
  • Get off topic -- Keep gig openings to #topic-gigs only.
  • DM members (unless they say you can) -- Don't engage in private conversations with members unless their post explicitly states something about DM'ing them, or unless they've given you permission to do so before. This is our happy space.