Recruiter & Staffing Agency Rules and Guidelines

A few quick rules and guidelines that we ask recruiters to follow when posting to our #topic-gigs channel.

No Unsolicited DM's

We want to respect our users time and privacy. Please do not send unsolicited messages to members unless they have stated they're open to being contacted. Also, do not reach out to someone selling your service (staffing agency, recruiting agency) unless they have specified that they're open to working with such service. Doing either of these will result in account deactivation.

You must use real information for yourself.

Have a real name, real photo of you (or your company's logo) and the recruiting or staffing agency you work for set in your profile.

No repeat posts per week (resets on Wednesday).

Do not post the same post more than once per week (unless it's on Gigs Day - Wednesday). Admins will delete your posts if this happens and give you a warning. Continuing to do this will result in account deactivation.

Keep your posts clean and concise.

Do not post walls of text that drown out other posts. Keep it tidy and concise. Admins will delete your post and ask you to reformat if it's too long.

Do not "Bump" your post.

"Bumping" is when you delete an old post and re-post it to make it appear more recent in the chat within a short time period. We will delete your posts if this happens.

Provide as much info as publicly possible in your post.

  • You don't have to include the company name you're recruiting for but we ask that you disclose when people reach out to you directly.
  • You do need to give full details about the position. Title, stack, requirements, etc. No vague "hiring node ninjas!”
  • You do need to give a description of the company: Team size, culture, and general location if possible (DTC, Boulder, Etc)


  • Be conscientious of our diversity and use gender neutral language.
  • Remove image unfurls (click the small X next to the image)