Topic-gigs rules & guidelines

Most of the channels on Denver Devs have some fairly loose rules: the exception being #topic-gigs. We like to keep that channel as buttoned up as possible to help folks using it as a resource for employment. We appreciate your understanding with this and helping your fellow Denver Devs find great people to work with!

Only posts that are "Looking For Work" & "Looking to Hire" are allowed.

Companies can share their open positions here, Recruiters & Staffing agencies can share their posts here (following these guidelines), and individuals can post that they're looking for work. Anything outside of that will be deleted.

Keep replies threaded or in a DM.

If you have a question about a post or a comment please DM the author or add your comment in a thread. This keeps the channel nice and tidy. We will delete your comments otherwise.

No questions, please.

Questions about your resume, salaries, trends, who works at/knows someone at "X" company, if anyone knows about "X" company, and so on should be asked in #topic-community or #topic-career-advice depending on the nature of the question. Also when you're posting that question try to be as detailed as possible about why you're asking.

Do not repeat your post more than once per week(resets on Wednesday)

Do not post the same post more than once per week (unless it's on Gigs Day - Wednesday). Admins will delete your posts if this happens and give you a warning. Continuing to do this will result in account deactivation.

Do not "bump" your post.

"Bumping" is when you delete an old post and re-post it to make it appear more recent in the chat within a short time period. We will delete your posts if this happens.

A real name, a real photo (not required for individuals seeking work).

If you're hiring someone, have a real name, real photo of you (or your company's logo) and the company you work for set in your profile. If you're an individual looking for work you can divulge as much/little information as you'd like, but consider professionalism first.

Formatting Guidelines

Please follow this format & guidelines when submitting gig posts to the Denver Devs Slack channel #topic-gigs. This will help keep it tidy and consistent for the lookers.

When posting a Job Opening

Job Opening Title

Optional brief job description. No more than 2-3 sentences / bullet points.

[Link to position]
  • Links with large image unfurls may get deleted
  • Do not upload files to the Slack, link to them.
  • Be conscientious of our diversity and use gender neutral language.

When posting for "Seeking Work"

A brief paragraph or two about yourself and what you're looking for.

[Link to your resume or website]

Please upload your resume somewhere online (GitHub, Dropbox) and link to it, uploaded resumes may be deleted